Peer-reviewed Publications

1. Li, A. Y. (2021). Object and Spatial Context Representations in Visual Short-Term Memory. eNeuro, 8(2), DOI: 10.1523/ENEURO.0076-21.2021

2. Sone, H., Kang, M.-S., Li, A. Y., Tsubomi, H., & Fukuda, K. (2021). Simultaneous estimation procedure reveals the object-based, but not space-based, dependence of visual working memory representations. Cognition, 209, 104579.

3. Li, A. Y., Liang, J. C., Lee, A. C. H., & Barense, M. D. (2020). The Validated Circular Shape Space: Quantifying the Visual Similarity of Shape. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 149(5), 949–966. doi: [pdf] [Supplemental] [Twitter]

      • We created the first perceptually uniform “Shape Wheel” whereby angular distance on a 2D circle is a proxy for visual similarity, comparable to the commonly used “color wheel”. All stimuli materials and a wiki is available on the Open Science Framework:

4. Li, A. Y., Fukuda, K., Lee, A. C. H., & Barense, M. D. (Under Revision). Visual interference can help and hinder memory: Capturing representational detail using the Validated Circular Shape Space. bioRxiv, 535922.

5. Li, A. Y., Fukuda, K., & Barense, M. D. (Under Revision). Independent features form integrated objects: Using a novel shape-color “conjunction task” to reconstruct memory resolution for multiple object features simultaneously. Preprint:

6. Li, A. Y.*, Yuan, J. Y.*, Pun, C., & Barense, M. (Under Review). Online Psychological Testing using Executables: A Case Study on Visual Memory Resolution. * denotes shared first-authorship.

7.. Li, A. Y., & Barense, M. D. (in prep). Invited review at WIREs Cognitive Science.

Conference Posters

Li, A. Y.*, Ladyka-Wojcik, N.*, Silva, V. M., & Barense, M. D. (2020). Asymmetry between object-in-place and place-in-object memory: Evidence for a spatial scaffold. Context and Episodic Memory Symposium. Online Format.

Li, A. Y., Huang, A., & Barense, M. D. (2020). Coarse-grained event segmentation induces false memory. Cognitive Neuroscience Society [Poster][Video]

Li, A. Y., Fukuda, K., & Barense, M. D. (2019). High fidelity visual features form complex objects. Journal of Vision, 19, 76b. doi:10.1167/19.10.76b [Poster]

Li, A. Y., Fidalgo, C. O., Liang, J., Lee, A. C. H., & Barense, M. D. (September, 2018). Examining the impact of item-distractor similarity using a validated circular shape space. Journal of Vision, 18(10), 817. doi:10.1167/18.10.817 [Poster]

Li, A. Y., Fidalgo, C. O., Lee, A. C. H., & Barense, M. D. (September, 2017). The impact of mnemonic interference on memory for visual form. Journal of Vision, 17(10), 96. doi:10.1167/17.10.96