Continuous Shape Report MATLAB code to display shapes from a validated circular shape space and then record the response. Used to quantify memory resolution.

See Li, Liang, Lee, & Barense, 2020. JEP: General for more information.

Simultaneous Shape-Color Conjunction Task – Reconstruct memory resolution for multiple shape-color features from the same object, simultaneously in a single behavioral response.

Can be used to capture the resolution of object memory. Python code, code for online testing, MATLAB code, and preprints for this project coming soon!

For related reading, see our previous publication on a simpler orientation-color conjunction task: Sone, Kang, Li, Tsubomi, & Fukuda, 2021. Cognition.



Snake – The classic snake game built in MATLAB. To run, simply download the script linked, then run in your MATLAB console.



Sorting Visualization – Visualizes sorting algorithms. You can use your own image or a matrix with random RGB values. Currently has the following algorithms: bubble sort, insertion sort, brick sort, and selection sort.

RGB values are sorted on perceived brightness (darkest on the left and lightest on the right), operationalized using the following formula:

Brightness = sqrt(0.299*(R)^2 + 0.587*(G)^2 + 0.114*(B)^2)